ATHLETICS at Lakeview Leadership Academy

                                                                   Lakeview Leadership Academy Athletics Program

                                                                          Information for the 2023-2024 School Year:


Our athletic packet needs to be filled out by parent/guardian and provided at the time of the sports physical so that the person administering the physical can document, stamp and sign.

Rules and Regulations to Participate in Sports

Prior to participation, a student athlete must complete the ''OK-to-Post" procedure. An '"Ok-to Post card (digital copy) will be issued by the Athletic Director,  when all requirements have been met and all of the paperwork has been fully completed and turned in to the Athletics Google Classroom. The student athlete gives the "OK-to-Post" card (digital copy) to the head coach for each sport. A separate "OK-to-Post" card is required for each sport. No athlete is permitted to participate in any extracurricular activity at any time without the coach first having possession of the athlete's "OK to-Post".

Ok-to-Post Requirements

1. Clearance Forms: Current sports physical signed by physician and cleared by Athletic Director. (Make your own copies at home or pick-up at the front office of school) (Completed originals need to be scanned into PDF format for upload and paper copy dropped off at the front office with Ms. King) Proof of insurance, including company name and policy number. (This information is in the Clearance forms attached below.....don't forget to fill that section out completely)

2. Current sports packet (PDF Format) completely filled out (using Kami or Doc Hub) and signed by athlete and parent.

3. Debts cleared by librarian and bookkeeper (since no school.....I will check on this step for you and let players know if they owe money or materials)

4. Attach completed sports packet to the Athletics Google Classroom for final processing. Grades and Discipline checks will be done prior to the start of the season, during conditioning and tryouts ,and may affect the ability to play in games or remain on teams.



COVID-19 Clearance Form

Athletic Participation Code

Heat & Concussion Information